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San Jose's Little Saigon

Last night, I went dinnerless because I lunched with my sister at 4 o'clock in Little Saigon in San Jose. I've been imagining Little Saigon to be the Vietnamese version of Chinatown but I was left quite dissappointed. Little Saigon is simply an ugly, suburban area with a series of ugly, suburban strip malls, Vietnamese style (and nothing like the Saigon/Ho Chi Min City that I visited with my family in 1994 - boo hoo) - I guess it was kind of like Koreatown in downtown LA but not nearly as exciting. We pulled into one of the strip malls and dined at Auh Hong (which has a sister restaurant in SF at Geary and Hyde). I had bbq pork with vermicelli and some terrible summer rolls - seriously, they must have packed an entire bunch of mint leaves into each of those rolls - too overpowering! The shrimp & mango summer rolls I make are much better. Although I can't roll them quite as tight.

The most exciting part of our meal in Little Saigon though was when I noticed that there was a large green catepilliar in the salad mix (more like another huge bunch of mint leaves) that accompanied my pork and noodles. Umm, at least it was fresh. And I know from Fear Factor that if I ate the little wormy, I would not have died!
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