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Mexican with Ken

Every time Ken (aka, Kent and master creator of the Reenie's Recipes website!) comes over, we have some form of Mexican cuisine. I guess his 5 month excursion to Mexico is the inspiration. So, since he was coming over last night, we did skirt steak tacos grilled rare to perfection on the charcoal Weber. I made a really nasty creme of green chili soup that is usually delicious but this time, it seemed to have reacted with the copper pot it was cooked in and had a metallic, disgusting after taste. Very strange and quite disappointing! My other failure of the night was pickled red onions. I thought they would be a great topping for the black beans but they weren't as good as I anticipated. Urgh, Rick Bailess (where I got the recipe) has let me down yet again! Kent brought over some good tequilla and a little tomato-based chaser that was quite tasty. I'll bug him until he posts it on Reenie's Recipes because it really motivates you to get that tequilla down. We finished our meal off with some roasted marshmallows, a ritual we usually take part in when we have those hot coals burning on the charcoal grill.
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