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D.C. eats

I think I left off in the middle of my trip to D.C. I believe I was at my Friday of eating...
We spent rainy Friday day in Annapolis where we stopped somewhere there and ate bar food, crab dip, creme of crab soup and fish and chips to be exact. Then we spent that night at my sister, Alexa, and her husband Bob's house in Germantown, MD for I think the first dinner party they've ever thrown in their entire life (not to bag on them or anything, It's just Alexa and mines genetics are on the opposite sides of the spectrum...). The food was tasty (thank you!!!!!), including a really good crab dip I hope they share with friends and post on Reenie's Recipes (don't forget!!!) and some darn good egg-free ice cream (I swear Kevin filled his bowl at least 3 times).

Saturday, Kev, my brother Derek and I snuck away and went to Ben's Chili Bowl, a dive restaurant in DC on the wrong side of the tracks, that has gotten rave reviews from just about every foodie (HollyEats) on the internet. Kev and I both had the half-smoked with chili, which is like a polish sausage (the most juicy one ever) in a bun with chili and mustard on top. Wow, it was good! We splurged and ordered chili fries too. He he. Saturday night was spent at a graduation party, where I ate a bunch of crap (it was really yummy at the time...) and then barfed (several painful times) that night. My stomach works in very strange ways but obviously, it's not too fond of buffet food (this has happened more than once!).

Sunday is really not even worth mentioning since we spent most of it on an airplane. Oh, but we did go to Georgetown, the most adorable place EVER, and had lunch at a little outdoor Italian cafe, ate thin-crusted pizza and people watched. I told Kev that I wouldn't divorce him if he went into politics because I would die to live in Georgetown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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