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Chez Krim Pizzeria

Teddy my sis, and her boy Pete came over for a belly sighting...and for a visit to the wonderful 24th Street Cheese Shop (24th between Sanchez/Vicksburg)...and to eat a nice homecooked meal (college students!). We started with some great cheeses they picked out, an amazing salami (sorry to serve you nitrates again, Little Miss!), marcona almonds, thinly sliced apples and French green olives - I got a little carried away, hoping a fabulous cheese plate would jumpstart labor (nope!). Then, we served them up some of our yummy homemade pizza with fresh pizza dough (speaking of, I need to make more to freeze) -- one with 4-cheese blend from Trader Joes (great blend for pizza), basil oil, tomatoes, goat cheese and dried oregano (super delicious) and the other, a personal favorite, a corn/cilantro/lime pizza.
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