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Lots of eatin'

Urg, I hate when I haven't written in my LJ all weekend because I have so much yummy food to write about but have to start with Friday night dinner and that was so darn long ago. Oh well, here is goes...

Friday night - Dinner at Andre and Natsuko's, fabulous chefs (well, I think that would be Natsuko) and major foodies. They are also knowledgable about just about any topic so it's always nice to dine with them and get smarter at the same time. Natsuko served up a serious feast. Her meal started with some sauteed mixed mushrooms (oyters, shitakes and one other exotic one) and a scallop sashimi on a thinly sliced cucumber, with a thinly sliced serrano chili on top with lime juice. She said it was inspired by the restaurant, Azie, which we haven't eaten at but need to try. It was great - refreshing flavor with a bite! Yum. Our next course was some broiled asaparagus and then, delicious thai rice and a baked cornish game hen! Natusko said they have 8 different type of rice in their pantry. They're definitely experts!

We drank ahhhh, a chenin blanc that we picked up at Navarro in the Anderson Valley. And, to my excitement, a Chatueaneuf du pape, a wonderful village/wine region in the southern rhone that kev and I visited while we were honeymooning in France.

Saturday - We headed to a wedding in San Diego. First stop after the airport was Old Town for some fresh flour tortillas from the street vendor in front of the Cafe Cayote (something like that). Ahhh, greasy as can be and sooo good. We ate at a pretty crappy mexican restaurant with terrible margaritas and stuffed ourselves so bad that I could hardly fit into my dress for the wedding....!

Saturday evening - We feasted on Vegan food at the wedding of my vegan friend Anasuya and handsome groom, Andy! Yummmm, what pretty pretty wedding food. And instead of wedding cake, that Kev cannot eat, they served egg-free wedding pie. Kev was beaming and chowed down!!!!!!!!

Sunday - Early flight and a bad hangover means that I needed corned beef hash, eggs and toast for breakfast. And for dinner, we went to Hahn's Hibachi on Castro where I feasted on Korean short ribs. I love that place!

Enough writing already. Definitely could not be a food writer!
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