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My new china

While most parents-to-be are buying new stuff from Babies R Us for their new baby...I'm rummaging through antique stores (with granny in Beaumont, CA) buying...yes, another set of china! (he he, but we don't technically have one - just Emile Henri everday dinnerware and Vietri Bianco for special ocassions). I let myself splurge on this almost-perfect setting for 8 set (see plate above) because it was a mere $50. And I'd say the Chilled Asparagus Salad with Crab and Lemon Aoili (inspired by Coco down from Six Apart headquarters at 4th/Brannan) looks especially handsome on it! Kev picked up some fresh local halibut from the great fish market in Half Moon Bay and we had a feast indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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