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Food for Italian Gods

We ate at Delfina (18th/Guerrero) last night for my 30th birthday feast. We licked our plates clean, everything was so delicious and amazing and our waitress was fabulous. Here's how our feast went...
1st course:
- Ribollita - My description of ribollita is that it's like a mound of fried stuffing with white beans, bread cubes, mushrooms and a bunch of other yumminess...but here's a more authentic description.
- Salt Cod with Fennel Flatbread
- Bitter Green (Arugula, Raddicchio and Frisee) Salad with Pancetta and Shaved Parmigiano
- Another order of Ribollita
- a blood orange bellini for me, a glass of something white and good for Kevin

2nd course:
- Me: Quail with Black Trumpet Mushroom Toasted Bread Salad - MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
- Kev: Pork Tenderloin with Faro
- water for me, 2 glasses of something red and good for Kevin

- Me: Profiteroles with coffee ice cream, candied slivered almonds and bittersweet chocolate sauce and a decaf espresso
- Kev: a hard sheep's milk with black truffles and dates

I feel like I have a food hangover right now (or actually, a pregnancy hangover).
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