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Reenie Cooks

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A very dusty existence

I've just arrived home from a 3-day stay at the Hotel Nikko (employee rate thanks to their wonderful catering manager, Penny Graham) back to the filthy place we call home. Everything (all the construction) is progressing quite wonderfully so I have no reason to complain...well, except that I haven't cooked anything in 5 days, I ate Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels for breakfast this morning and everything in the kitchen right now should probably make a pass through the dishwasher due to a very fine dust from installing some grand salvaged pocket doors from Texas. Last night, we did eat at the wonderful Tu Lan in the Tenderloin (6th/Market) and it was amazing and I'd say equally as good as Slanted Door (minus the ambiance)! The question remains though...should I motivated to clean and cook dinner tonight....?
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