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Vegan cuisine

I went out for vegan cuisine last night at Herbivore (Valencia/22nd) with my two vegetarian friends Shannon and Anasuya. I've been wanting to try this restaurant but usually when faced with choice of picking a restaurant, I can't resist to choose a place that serves meat meat meat!!!! So, anyway, the menu was quite extensive - we started with the almonds with cayenne and lime (GREAT and definitely trying at home!) and the spring rolls, which were not so good. I had a veggie burger because I am still on a hunt to find a really good veggie burger in San Francisco - In LA, I hit celebrity hang-out, Newsroom, on Robertson which serves up a great one on a fabulous multigrain bun. Then, I also like the one at Houston's which has a location in the city but....with all the great restaurants in San Francisco, would I really choose to eat at Houston's (although their spinach dip is amazing too)...? Anyway, of course I ate every last bite of my veggie burger for Herbivore but I would only rank it as ok....the hunt for a good one continues! If I ever want to take Kevin out for eggless dessert though, I'm definitely going to Herbivore - he can eat all of them!
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