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Inspired by Patricia Wells

We realized our entire meal last night was inspired by Patricia Wells and her wonderful cookbook (a personal favorite), The Paris Cookbook...
Her lemon chicken recipe inspired Kevin's MARVELOUS roasted chicken with marvelous pan sauce last night (please post recipe Kev or add your notes in the comments because I think last nights was a personal best). Her polenta fries inspired my Pan-Fried Polenta Squares with Rosemary (that were originally inspired by the pan-fried polenta from Lupa (24th/Castro)). We added a little garlic confit (mostly, I was in need of garlic oil so I made this) to compliment the meal! And of course, we topped everything off with a delightful creamy goat cheese from Italia.

Oh yes, and did I mention that I chipped my front tooth (really!) with my fork eating our red leaf lettuce salad (our green of choice these days) with mustard viniagrette...nice!
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