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If we open a restaurant...

...(which we will NEVER do, sorry Kev), I would defintely want to put these super tasty flatbreads on the menu! We were debating what to cook for our day of love was tough because 1) I've been having this terrible problem of getting really stuffed after eating a normal-sized meal, thanks to the rapidly growing Little Miss Krim! 2) It was a Tuesday night 3) We had no brilliant menu ideas 4) I've been eating way too much chocolate which doesn't really have anything to do with dinner. Sooooooo, inspired by the fabulous flatbread with squash blossoms from Coco (4th/Brannan), we decided on an assortment of flatbreads (above) and a nice cheese plate.

I had some ideas about how to make these things (starting with my favorite pizza dough rolled super super super thin) and I must say, they were brilliant. We loved assembling and eating them together and I'm definitely posting the recipe on RR.
From left:
- Proscuitto, asiago/percorino, olive oil, salt/pepper
- French brined olives, coppa, fresh herbs, asiago/pecorino, olive oil, salt/pepper
- Heirloom tomatoes (don't ask what they were doing in the Bell Market this time of year), fresh herbs, asiago/pecorino, goats cheese, olive oil, salt/pepper
- Anchoives, French brined olives, fresh herbs, asiago/pecorino, goat cheese, olive oil, salt/pepper

We were stuffed but did manage to save room for the cheese plate -- an amazing Italian goats milk with truffles (ahhh, YUM), a hard petit basque sheep and Livarot, cows milk, from France.
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