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German feasting

Last night we had a grand German feast at Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley (Hayes and Laguna) with Kent, Michelle, Ernie and his date, Heather. Weinersnitzel has been calling my name! I've actually been thinking of weinersnietzel ever since my week long vacanza in Germany (where I gained at least 5 pounds and made every cab driver repeat the word "weinersnitzel" in their thickest accent several times while my friend and I laughed hysterically (setting a wonderful American tourist example, ha)). Anyway, the restaurant was wonderful - I started with the potato pancakes with applesauce, followed up by the weinersnitzel. Kev had a beef brisket type dish with cranberries and mashed potatoes. The German beer was indeed flowing! However, being the designated driver, I don't think I had as much fun as the rest of the crew (we dined until midnight, the boys took shots of bitters from little bottles and we started telling stories about barf)...! :-) Here's the end to our night!
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