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My latest obsession

My latest obsession is mustard viniagrette dressing - I make it almost every single night for dinner. And when I'm done pouring the dressing onto the arugula salad and tossing it, I lick the viniagrette from the bowl, it's so good. My tastebuds are crazy for mustard right now. Anyway, we paired the nice arugula salad with these sourdough bread bowls filled with previously frozen trout chowder. The bread bowls were not nearly as delicious and fresh as the ones from SF's famous sourdough maker, Boudin, but it was sure fun eating from them.

My other obsession these days is chocolate - so for dessert, we roasted some marshmallows on kabob skewers on our DCS range, then topped them with graham crackers and chocolate! Yum!
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