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Donut Sunday

Growing up, my family had the tradition of having "Donut Sunday" - my dad woke up bright and early every Sunday morning and got 1 dozen Winchell's donuts for breakfast. So, Kev and I had our own version of "Donut Sunday" this morning, inspired by the great Bunuelitos we had for dessert last night at Platanos and the amazing donut holes I grew up eating at my elementary school Grandview's booth at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair (I've been slipped the authentic recipe from a fellow Grandview grad). I'm happy to annouce that these amazing donut holes are nothing but Pillsbury Original Crescent Rolls rolled into balls, frying oil and sugar. They are amazing - we even made them into New Orleans finest Beignets! We ate almost the entire package of crescent roll mix -- Kev, let's try and not make these donuts a Sunday tradition...
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