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In the kitchen...

but not cooking! I've been in the kitchen giving the interiors of our kitchen drawers (cabinets I'll start tomorrow) a little makeover. When we moved into this house, the dingy drawers/cabinets (which I happen the love) had this blinding chrome hardware which I immediately replaced with these mis-matched vintage handles purchased at the Alemany Flea Market for no more than $2 each. The insides of the drawers/cabinets had some old contact paper (which I've learned can be easily removed by heating it with a blowdryer). I painted them with this nice color from Kelly Moore (Aged Sage, I think it was called).

So, since our kitchen/bathroom/upstairs/house is a disaster, we went out to Platanos, Yucatan cuisine at Valencia and 19th, with Penny and Dave (who just got back from "their second honeymoon" in New Zealand and brought back 27 bottles of wine in the luggage - luckys!!!!). It was wonderful - we each started with a pupusa (a tortilla filled with yumminess like beans, pork, chicken etc that we definitely trying at home), then I had the crab enchiladas verdes. Kev had a delicious pork dish and I kept stealing bites. We had little bunuelitos with caramel and chocolate for dessert which has inspired our breakfast this morning! Delicious!
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