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You name it, I ate it at SF's fancy food show yesterday. The show was held at Moscone Center, the huge convention center on Howard and 4th Street. Every speciality food distributor and business was there - I felt like I was walking through a Whole Foods where you could taste everything -- I was dying of happiness and called Kevin about 5 times in 4 hours to report about what I was eating and seeing. Here's a list of my mid-day snacks - Zsar Niccholai caviar, duck rillete, pate, a million cheeses (lingot, parmesan, asiago, livarot, to name a few), a million chocolates (of every brand imaginable), toffee, expensive tuna from the jar, truffles, candied apples, chocolate and cheese fondue, cucumber-infused water, chocolate crossiants, jams, honeys, chocolate lava cake, a million pastry hourderves, tons of chips, dips and salsas, an entire leg of prosciutto, Neiman Ranch pastrami - it was INCREDIBLE. By 5pm, I really felt sick - partly because I ate a bunch of stuff that's a no-no for those with child! he he! This event is held once a year in SF - the next show is January 21-23, 2007 and mark my words....Kevin and I will be there (tasters for Coco Noche Incorporated)!!!

I also had another sighting of Wee Man at the food show. Am I stalking him?
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