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Carne Asado Tacos & El Som Salsa

I wanted to post/test my recipe for El Sombrero salsa on RR (the key is lots of salt and good crumbled dried oregano) and use up all the Mexican cheese and avocados we had sitting in the fridge and do something tasty with the thawed flank steak we had (previously frozen from Costco)...naturally, Mexican came to mind!!!! Like usual, we stuffed ourselves early with chips, salsa and guac and had little appetite for our main course of Carne Asado Tacos. We stuffed ourselves with them anyway! Here's my perfect layering for a fabulous taco: Tortilla, then black beans, then carne asado, a squirt of lime juice, then salsa, then cheese, and lastly guacamole. Delicioso!
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