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Knock-off Nocch's

We tried so hard last night to imitate the amazing Spinach pizza from Pinocchio's in Harvard Square in Boston - Ummm, our pizza was definitely nice but definitely NOT Nocch's. Kevin introduced me to the legendary Pinocchio's when we were first dating and I escorted him to the Harvard/Yale football game in Cambridge (Was that the year Kev that you passed out in the Fox Club and didn't eat any of it or was that the next year????? ha! :-)). It's now a Krim family tradition to attend the game every other November in Boston! Last night, we were discussing what Nocch's does to make their spinach pizza so incredibly amazing....we're thinking great crust and lots of garlic and olive/garlic oil but other than that, we're stumped! Anybody have the secret recipe....?????

Our knock-off version of Pinocchio's Spinach Pizza
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