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Our latest (unwelcome) house guests

They were a little late for our Curry Chicken Salad dinner last night but they did come to sweep up any leftover crumbs -- yes, our latest house guests are a family of mice that make frequent visits to our kitchen after-hours....DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few nights ago, I had a face-off with an itty-bitty one in the bathroom. And then, last night, Kev and I were in bed, I was near sleeping and Kev heard them rattling pans. We were both sitting up and then heard them squeaking as if they were running in one of those exercise wheels in a pet was just plain GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We woke up this morning to mouse poo poo on one of our countertops and our range - *****ing SICK!!! We sometimes (actually, frequently) hear rats fighting/chirping in our backyard which I find absolutely sick but when they are in our own kitchen, I feel totally violated and horrified.

Next steps --
1) Put steel wool in the cracks in the office where we think they are coming from (done)
2) Get the dog-friendly mouse/rat poison from Kent and Michelle (not done)
3) Clear all countertops/exposed shelves of any food before we leave this weekend to Santa Barbara (not done)
4) Any other advice?
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