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The Last Supper

We racked our brains for something delicious to cook up for the last supper of 2005 -- we came up with Paella, a Spanish dish with clams, mussels, monkfish, shrimp, chicken, rice, peppers and saffron. Since we had no plans for New Years Eve (partly because we're grannies and partly because the original plans were to be skiing in Mammoth), we spent all evening in...where else...the cocina!

Here was our menu:
1st - Pont' Leveque (I think one of my top 5 cheeses) cheese course with baguette
2nd - Fried Olives Stuffed with Smoked Mozarella
3rd - Stuffed Mushrooms with Herbed Breadcrumbs and Sausage
4th - Shrimp and Cilantro Fritters
5th - Kevin's Delicious Paella

Kevin will probably have more to say about the Paella because he's the one who made it but I can chime in a few observations -- He followed the Paella recipe by the Dean and Deluca cookbook, the most untrustworthy, inconsistent, unreliable cookbook in our collection - it contains recipes for more foreign dishes, so we were stuck relying on it for our Paella. The problem with this cookbook is that there is a major lack of detail in their recipes and when you are making complex things like Paella or cassoulet (the last time it screwed us), you kind of want more info than they give you. ended up tasting quite good! And I'm proud to say that I kind of stayed up until midnight (Kev and I had a slumber party in our living room and set up the Aero Bed right in front of the TV and watched South Park re-runs all night)!

On a side note, we just arrived home from the wonderful wonderful wonderful St. Francis Fountain, an authentic diner on 24th and York Street in the Mission. I drive past this place all the time and have been just DYING to stop in for a bite. I'm soooooo glad we finally did because I think it is one of the most fabulous places in SF! Little Miss Krim and I will certainly be regulars!
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