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Whole Fish Baked in Salt

We hit Clement Street on a rainy yesterday to visit the May Way market for some Asian goodies (and to pick up a nice, whole fish). Our first stop was our favorite Gourmet Dim Sum at 8th/Clement where we stuffed ourselves with cheap dumplings, sticky rice and "shoe my" (yes, that is completely phonetically spelt!).

We then headed home and prepapred our feast. And it was a FEAST indeed.

Choose your cleaned fish... Cover your fish... Bake your fish... Finito!
Choose your cleaned fish...
and lie it on a bed of sea salt.
Cover your fish...
with more sea salt.
Bake your fish...
then, peel off the salt layer.

We started with some delicious tofu fries with spicy dipping sauce. Our main course included Soba Noodles with Scallions (Yum!!!), Pea Leaves Sauteed in Garlic Oil, a tad bit of soy, salt and pepper (bravo to Kevin for making this absolutely fabulous side dish that we LOVE to order at Tan Kiang Dim Sum on Geary or even better (and less expensive), The Hong Kong Pavillion on El Camino in Millbrae) and the amazing Baked Whole Fish in Sea Salt (we used a 2lb red snapper, which was a perfect amount for 2). The reason why we came home from Zihuatanejo with kilos and kilos of their local sea salt (for 30 cents a kilo, might I add) was because of this wonderful preparation of a whole fish. Too bad our naughty dog Babar ate the other kilo of the salt...
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