Reenie Cooks (reeniecooks) wrote,
Reenie Cooks

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Cupboard Bolognese

I pulled out just about everything we had in the cupboard last night and made a very nice bolognese sauce. Usually Kevin makes the bolognese and follows this really long, high maintenence recipe by Bruce Aidell (the sausage king of San Francisco)...I've got no patience for that! Here's what I included in my bolognese that was quite flavorful and delicious...3 chopped shallots, 2 garlic cloves minced, garlic oil, 1 lb ground beef, 1 bay leaf, herbs de provence, red pepper flakes, dried thyme, dried oregano, 1 28-oz can tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, chicken broth, grated parmesan, sugar, salt and pepper. Yum, Little Miss Krim liked it so much that she kicked hard enough for Kevin to feel her!
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