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2 burgers, 1 to go

Not that I keep track or anything but we've had burgers already twice this week and I know we'll be having them on Saturday night too. That's a scary amount of burger and I may have to go on a burger diet until at least June.

So, last nights burger was a veal patty stuffed with green onion and grated gruyere. You know when you eat a burger with no bun that it must be tasty! Definitely recommend and will post the recipe on RR later. We served it on a bed of fabulous couscous with dates (a new staple in our household), toasted pine nuts, caramelized onions and goat cheese (which I'm eating as leftovers as we speak - YUM!) and of course did the fava bean bruschetta once again. He he! Might as well take advantage of buying those delicious beans while we can. We drank a Cote du Rhone, a best buy at K&L wine shop south of Market, at it was delicious. All I could taste were berries (as usual) and hints of vanilla. 2 burgers down, 1 more to go!
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