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One full Saturday

Kev and I have this bad habit of filling our Saturday's with way too much to do (it usually involves cooking things we don't have time to cook too)...Here's an example...
2:00pm: Invite Kent and Michelle over for a dinner party even though our house is a disaster, Christmas presents, wrapping paper and cards are all over the house, we have a surprise party to attend at 6pm and we were planning on cooking a bunch of things (Me - profiteroles, Kevin - leg of lamb).
5:00-5:45pm: Kev is preparing the leg of lamb that is taking much longer than Marina was anticipating and she's getting a little stressed because we're supposed to leave for the SURPRISE party at 6pm...
5:45-6:02pm: Kev is searing the leg of lamb and still is not dressed to leave...I'm ready to kill him at this point...
6:05pm: Leave for the Carrie's surprise party at Medjool...
7:40pm: Arrive home and prep for the dinner party which starts at 8pm!!!!

Amazingly, all worked out nicely and we had a wonderful dinner party and fun at the party at Medjool too. Kent and Michelle brought the yummy appetizers (cheese, shrimp cocktail), which was a wise decision on my part. We then had a mixed green salad with a balsamic vineagrette, candied pecans, crumbled blue cheese topped with a fan of Asian pears - it was delightful. The next course was Kev's braised lamb leg with a white bean puree (recipe from a Julia Child cookbook). My favorite course was dessert where I served the handsome and delicious profiteroles with chocolate sauce, my new favorite dessert to make. I've already invited JJ and Alyson to come over for dessert Sunday night so we can indulge in some more!!!!

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