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Viva Espana!

We held Spanish class last night at our place...I offered because I secretly wanted to show off our Christmas tree! It also motivated me to make these delicious Croquettas with Jamon y Queso. Croquettas are a very popular Spanish Tapa that I used to devour when I was in Sevilla. Angelica, our Spanish teacher, said the ones I made were quite authentic too! YEAH! I was a little frightened that they were going to explode in the oil like the falafel's do when I make them. I also picked up some Spanish cheeses and had a nice French white that I was really tempted to help myself to - I've learned to take super mini baby-sized sips so a 1/2 glass of wine could last me an entire dinner! And since the whole family these days is eating for two, Kev whipped up a deliciously simple rack of lamb when everybody left. Yum!

By the way, 17 weeks today and my stomach is starting to pop out like a big pasta belly. YEAH baby!!!!
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