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1st Stop... Eating at the stalls of the Mexican open market... the carnitas tacos here were AMAZING!
1st Stop...
bargain shopping at the Mercado Central!!!
Eating at the stalls of the Mexican open market...
is always a little sketchy but...
the carnitas tacos here were AMAZING!
Pozole, the local dish of Guerrero Negro Modelo on the beach... Kevin's Catch of the Day!
Pozole, the local dish of Guerrero
It's SUPER delicious!
Negro Modelo on the beach...
it's really tough being a pregnant girl.
Kevin's Catch of the Day!
At Mazanillo Bay at Troncones.

I'm posting some Zihuat photos before I post Thanksgiving photos because my mom is taking FOREVER to send me her photos from the feast (I know you read this My Lamb...I'm waiting!). I'm so behind in my LJ! Anyway, I highly recommend a visit to Zihuatanejo (southwest of the DF/Mexico City) next time you're in's fabulous! So fabulous that I'm already trying to talk my family into joining us for another trip next year (Dad/Derek, the surfing at Troncones, 1 hour from Zihuat, looked pretty amazing and we LOVED Manzanillo Bay)! Since I'm positive Little Miss/Mr. Krim is coming out fluent in Spanish, it'll be just perfect!

Some other highlights from our trip:
- the fabulous Mercado Central - a special thanks to the little senor who gave me the little ceramic cerdo that I was begging for, for free!!!!!
- the local sea salt (1 kilo por 30 cents), amazing cinnamon sticks and oregano from the Mercado
- buying cheap ($1.80 por metro) oilcloth from the Mexican fabric store (thank you Kevy for coming with me!)
- the adorable, embroidered baby girl dresses that I couldn't stop buying (I wonder if they'll come into use?)
- Pozole Verde (a broth with pork and hominy with a million condiments like guac, chicharrones, queso, radishes, red peper flakes, ground oregano etc) at Tamales y Atoles and the amazing food at the Villa del Sol (My Lamb, you'll want to stay here!)
- eating Mexican food for 7 days straight (we hit McDonald's the second we got home!)
- Commercial Mexicana - the Carrefour of Mexico
- Thanksgiving dinner, the rehearsal dinner and wedding of Kent & Michelle - We had the BEST TIME!

Lastly, it was kind of nice being 4 months pregnant and not looking/feeling like it! Thank goodness!
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