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Thanksgiving disasters

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about Kevin and mine's Thanksgiving disaster...It was quite traumatic and at the time, Kevin told me he'd have me killed if I posted this story on my Live Journal (since he was so mad about it) - I was planning on posting anyway...

Anyway, on Thursday night before our Pre-Thanksgiving Feast (Saturday), Kev and I had two goals - to make the wild mushroom stuffing and to brine the turkey (brining means that we were going to be soaking the turkey in salt water overnight - it makes the turkey tasty and moist). This is our 4th Thanksgiving feast we've prepared so we considered both to be very easy tasks - especially since I bought some huge Reynolds turkey brining bags from the market. So, Kevin made the mixture of 3 GALLONS of water and lots of kosher salt - he mixed it in our HUGE crab pot. Then, together, we placed the 20-lb turkey in the bag and carefully poured the 3 gallons of water in the bag. So, we've got a large bag filled with a large turkey and 3 gallons of water to brine overnight in a cooler filled with ice...

Anyway, we decided to double-bag it because we didn't want the water to seep out into the Kev lifted the bag with the turkey and the next thing we knew, the bottom of the bag burst, our $60 organic, free-range turkey was sitting on the floor and 3 gallons (it's a lot of water, trust me!) of contaminated turkey water was spread across our kitchen floor. Like usual, I completely panic and stand there in shock and Kevin starts running around cleaning up (thank goodness one of us reacts quickly in situations like this). I run down to the basement for more paper towels and hear the water seeping through the cracks of our turn-of-the-century hardwood floors into the basement.

After 8 rolls of paper towels and a thorough mopping job, peace was restored in our kitchen. But not for long...

Around 11:45pm, I was carefully rubbing the skins off of 2 cups of hazelnuts and Kevin was cleaning 2-lbs of exotic mushrooms -- All of a sudden, I hear Kevin screaming and I look over and he has red stuff (that resembled blood) at over one of his hands...naturally, I freaked out and then, he started laughing and said it was just ketchup. I was so pissed that I poured half the bucket of mop water back onto the kitchen floor -- I think his loud yell woke up the neighbors, he was so mad at me! He he - serves him right!

And for the record, the rest of our Thanksgiving feast went just as planned!
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