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Wine and wine burgers

Wow, we feasted on open-faced gourmet cabernet burgers last night and they were just about as delicious as a burger can be. Kevin bought some grass fed, organic meat and ground it himself. The burger, which we had on a thick sourdough toast and cooked medium-rare, reminded me of the gourmet burger I had at The Girl and The Fig in Sonoma. We served it with a mache salad and the fava bean bruschetta (again because I can't get enough those tasty, but high maintence, beans). We then moved onto a Spanish semi-hard goat cheese called Murcia something....oh well, it was nice. The wine, a bordeaux blend from the mystery man, was a perfect compliment. Thank you Kevin for the amazingly tasty burger! I feel bad for all those vegetarians missing out on such delights.
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