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Worse than airplane steak...

We had the latest member of the LJ team over for dinner last night, so I picked up $25 worth of rib-eye meat. This was going to be the first steak I've eaten in at least 2 months, so I was really excited. After our socca (chickpea flour crepes) appetizer, we informed bbq chef Kevin that we preferred our steaks to be rare (or medium-rare in my case)......

Kev headed downstairs and roasted/charred the crap out of our steaks. These steaks were beyond could hardly even recognize that it was a rib-eye meat. I ate less than half of mine, then picked and prodded it the rest of the dinner wondering what went wrong down there on the grill. Even the caramelized shallot reduction couldn't disguise the terrible cooking of that precious red meat!

Kevin Krim, you owe both Arthur and I some rare-cooked steaks! :-)
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