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Tapas con mis amigos!

Our Spanish lesson was held at our place last night so I couldn't resist but to make a big feast of tapas. I made my first Tortilla Espanola, which was a tad bit stressful but delicious! The pan I used (a 6-inch cast iron skillet) was not quite as non-stick as I wanted it to be so the tortilla stuck and turned out a little less than perfect (which drove me crazy, of course!) but it was truely yummy! (Please, don't let our child be allergic to eggs) If you've never had tortilla espanola, you're in desperate need of a little vacacion a Espana (or your closest tapas restaurant, like Zarzuela on Hyde Street!)! I also made Gambas al Ajillo (shrimp with garlic) and Champignones (sauteed mushrooms) and served some nice French green olives and a manchego. I couldn't resist but to take not one, but several sips of the delicious Spanish vino Kev chose! Now that I'm feeling better, I'm starting to feel a little ansty about the complete elimination of wine in my diet...I need to discuss this matter futher with my Dr.!
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