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Four day food extravaganza

It's been four days since I've posted and boy have I eaten and cooked a ton...

Thursday dinner - Started with Socca. Main course, Rib eye steak on the charcoal grill and butter lettuce salad with sea salt and mustard vinaigrette. For dessert, s'mores of course. We always take full advantage of a charcoal burning fire on our Weber.

Friday lunch - Went down to Banning (about 20 minutes from Palm Springs) to go antiqueing with granny and had a club sandwich and a chocolate malt from a great restaurant called The Farm House, which has an adjacent antique store that is pretty good. The Farm House is always at the top of my list for dining with granny because the malt is really good. They give you the extra silver cup of malt too! I should try and make a malt one day at home.

Friday dinner - Granny makes darn good popovers from a recipe inspired by Neiman Marcus. I ate three, along with a chicken salad.

Saturday lunch - Yumm, when you're in the Palm Springs area, you should definitely stop at Hadley's. It's a restaurant/gourmet grocery store and was established in like 1931. Last time I was there I had an Ostrich burger, but this time, I settled for a veggie burger and a date shake. I wanted to order a buffalo burger but was nervous that it would taste dry. I don't know much about buffalo meat...! Anyway, Hadley's has a great grocery store selling all kinds of dried fruits, nuts and dates, which seems to be their specialty. They have like 15 different kinds.

Saturday dinner - Two bowls of grandma's famous chili. It was tasty! Hopefully, she'll post the recipe to Reenie's Recipes!

Sunday dinner - Back in SF, Kevin finally cleaned our filthy Jenn-Air grill. He'd love to tell you all about how disgusting it was. I think he learned a lesson not to let it EVER go that long without a cleaning...! (Serves him right! he he!) Anyway, we cooked up some prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with dill, some grilled (shriveled) shitake mushrooms, grilled corn with a cajun seasoning blend (which we cut off the cob and was so much easier to eat) and some grilled ono with a fancy seasoning by Morton and Bassett that was filled with too much celery salt and was no good. The highlight was definitely the corn, which we just recently learned is very good for you and filled with anti-oxidants. Cool! We finished off with a french cheese called chaubier that tasted like a very light, smooth, silky cheddar. YUMMMMMY!
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