Reenie Cooks (reeniecooks) wrote,
Reenie Cooks

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Raiding the gumball machine

Here we are, in an act of desperation, raiding our gumball machine for more Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. Since there was such a pitiful showing of trick-or-treaters at our house last year, I bought only 1 bag of twix bars...well, this year, our neighborhood was booming and we quickly went through the twix, then desperately scoured our cupboards for more candy. We came up with Andes dinner mints which we quickly ran out of...then we gave away 8 whole packs of bubble gum flavored Orbit gum (which, we learned, is a hot commodity among young trick-or-treaters). Once we ran out of that, we raided the gumball machine of the little Italian Glitterati candies! I made Kevin answer the door because I was so embarrassed of our candy stash! He he!
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