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Zuni Cafe birthday dinner

After 5 years of living in San Francisco (and a wild goose chase trying to figure out the restaurants cross street at Market - FRANKLIN STREET), we finally dined at one of SF's most well-known establishments, The Zuni Cafe (you probably know it by their yummy cookbook) - we had no reservation but they kindly take walk-ins. So, we walked in and were seated at the BEST TABLE in the restaurant (31st birthday luck) - it was the table on the second floor right against the window on Market Street - it was so awesome and I felt like we were in Paris! The menu is typical French bistro and for a girl who don't like much these days, the menu looked quite appealing - especially the oyster bar. I started with the fried squash blossoms/chanterrelles/onions, Kevin started with the pan-fried sardines (which I would have tried but last Saturday, I went wild and had a can of some L'Olivier sardines and felt like crap the next 2 days so I'm saying no to all sardines now!). We followed that up with the SUPER TASTY roast chicken (the Zuni Cafe's signature dish)with a bread salad with currants and an enormous pile of shoestring fries. It was really good!!!!!!!! I finished up the meal with a Gateau Victoire (flourless chocolate cake) and a big glass of milk! I love the Zuni Cafe!
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