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Attention: Fava beans are in season!

Yum yum! I dug up a recipe for a fava bean bruschetta with shaved pecorino because it's fava bean season and I remembered last time Kevin made a fava bean spread, it was damn good! So I made this bruschetta and it was FABULOUS! Fava beans are the most handsome of beans but a little high maintenence due to their 2 seperate podding and peelings. Well worth it though!

For our main course, we had green beans with breadcrumbs and pounded pork cutlet involtini stuffed with gruyere, chopped sage and prosciutto (which I'm planning to post on Reenie's Recipes because I'd definitely serve it for a dinner party!). The recipe was originally supposed to use veal scapolline but those were no where to be seen at the Whole Foods butcher. Kevin pounded (the crap out of) the pork cutlet and it worked just as well! We drank a Rasteau Cote du Rhone, which was apparently a bad choice on my part. Master sommellier Kevin said that a Rasteau is a more powerful Cote du Rhone and a bit too much for our light involtini's. I agreed after one sip. And now I suffer from somewhat of a hangover!
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