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Breaking the rules

I disobeyed Dr.'s orders and we went for sushi at Matsuya (24th Street between Vicksburg/Sanchez) last night. It is amazingly one of the only cuisines I've still got tastebuds for. Of course, I toned down my order of raw fish by about 75% but I did get a nice maguro and shiro maguro fixing. A very nice one, might I add. The Matsuya sushi chef does the most amazing platter of shiro maguro sashimi, slitted down the middle and sprinkled with finely chopped green onion, wasabi, lemon and salt. It really hit the spot! I also loaded up on everything and anything Unagi (bbq eel) -- lettuce rolls with only unagi, unagi nigiri, unagi maki - the sushi chef and waitress were cracking up at my desperate order.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel great through the night and this morning...the only food that makes me feel somewhat normal the next day seems to be Mexican....Ummmm, no wonder I've already gained 5 pounds (yes, that would be 5 pounds in one month or 1.25 pounds per week - MARINA, please stop obsessing, you're pregnant.....!).

HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY KEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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