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Shopping spree with a Francophile

Is it obvious that I'm feeling better? Thank goodness...because I was starting to feel a little depressed and nervous that I'd never be motivated to do anything interesting ever again.

9:30am, Kev and I headed to our very very very very very favorite French food warehouse sale in Brisbane (right near the dump, if you were wondering where Brisbane is - nice) - it's a french food wholesale distributor that is open to the public a few times each fall - we NEVER miss it, even when I'm feeling fat, pregnant and naseous. It's like the Carrefour comes to San Francisco for the day. Cheeses, pates, sausuages, soaps, salts - A Francophile needs to stock up on the goods! Above are some photos of our goodies! The only sad news is that they didn't have my favorite Amora mustard and the adorable vanilla yogurts in the little glass jars that I collect - hmf. We'll definitely be toteing Little Miss/Mr. Krim along with us next year!
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