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The World's Largest Soda
The World's Largest Soda

I met up with Kev and Chris for drinks (ha) at the Latin American Club (22nd/Valencia) - When I was parking, I noticed there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken just down Valencia. This was quite the discovery for me - because as you know, fast food in San Francisco is usually not the most convenient and I've had my mind on KFC for a few days now! I quickly talked the boys into joining me for din din there - I think they were impressed that I've gone from being a complete "food snob" to, well, I'm not sure exactly how one would describe me these days! KFC was great (well, I regreted it later that night but that's another story) - we ordered a big bucket of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, some really orange Mac & Cheese, biscuits and the biggest bucket of diet pepsi you'll ever see - It was so large (1/2 gallon), I felt like we could bob for apples in it. It took almost a minute to fill it all the way up. Kev took a photo of it on his camera phone.

Out of all the amazing restaurants in the Mission, I chose ghetto KFC - I'm so proud!
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