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To Half Moon Bay we go!

Brandon and Danielle were in town for the weekend so we took them down to Half Moon Bay, a coastal city about 45 miles south of San Francisco. It's home to the crazy surfing beach with 100-foot swells, "Mavericks". October is the best month for a visit to Half Moon Bay -- There are authentic pumpkin patches (brussel sprout and artichoke fields) everywhere (and the famous pumpkin festival showcasing the enormous pumpkins happens next weekend, the 15th/16th)! This year was an especially good crop too - the pumpkins were huge and Kev and I both picked ours for carving! Before we hit the patch though, we had to stop in Pescadero (about 20 minutes past Half Moon Bay down highway 1) for lunch at the legendary Duarte's (prounounced "Doo-Arts"). Their cream of green chile soup (here's our version) and cream of artichoke soup are super yummy. I followed my bowl of green chile soup up with....a plain grilled cheese sandwich....yep, still pregnant! Oh yes, and a slice of amazing pumpkin pie - when in pumpkin country, eat pumpkin stuff!

Other food highlights from the weekend:
Friday night - 2 Al Pastor Taco Especiales from El Toro - Have you tried Al Pastor yet?
Saturday night - Korean BBQ at New Korea House (Laguna and Post) in Japantown - a little too adventurous for me and baby!
Sunday - Dim Sum at Gourmet Dim Sum and for dinner, a Chinese Chicken Salad from CPK (here's our version that is equally as delicious)

I still cannot bear to go into the kitchen and cook anything.
But I do like a lot of frozen stuff - like beef taquitos and cheese tortellini...yummmmmmmm!
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