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Picking a restaurant

We were going for dinner last night with lisa and Brad and because I'm so picky right now, it was my job to pick the restaurant. The problem is that when I scroll through the many (amazing)restaurants on Open Table, there was absolutely nothing nothing nothing that seemed good to me. I was even getting naseous going down the list.

Kev finally chose an old favorite, Luna Park (Valencia/18th). With an all-american menu (which I checked out before we went so I knew what I'd be eating) and huge portions, it seemed like the best fit for a Chex Mix-eating-pregnant-girl like myself. I ordered the hamburger with gruyere which I had to force feed myself because nothing tastes good anymore. I eat like a slug. The goat cheese fondue with apples and grilled bread did hit the spot though - must have been the simplicity of it. I must admit, I'm feeling a little sad but know it's only temporary and it's for a GREAT cause!

The best part of the night was that I finally got to meet one of my first LJ friends, Lisa. We can't wait for her to move to SF! :-)
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