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Eating for 2++++

I learned a little lesson last night -- We went out for pizza at Goat Hill Pizza in Potrero Hill for Kevin and Becca's "Dinner with Papa Berk" and since we had eaten pizza the night before, I had to have spaghetti with sauce (pregnant girls can't eat the same thing twice in a row). It was a normal persons serving worth, which is not nearly enough for me anymore. I have to eat at least enough for 3 people (like Monday night when I ate 5 large slices of pizza), especially at dinner, or I'll wake up in the middle of the night, starving and ready to barf (like last night). At 3am, I was huddled next to Kevin in bed, crunching obnoxiously on salty Chex Mix. Thank you for not kicking me out of bed from my loud crunching Kev!

Cheesecake Factory portions (....enormous!) are beginning to sound really excellent to me!
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