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Au Revoir Espresso!
Au Revoir Espresso!

I'll get right to the point (since just the thought of my Reenie Cooks Live Journal makes me incredibly naseous) - I'm taking a little hiatus from writing in my LJ - I'm 8 weeks preggers and the thought of anything involving food or cooking makes me want to barf. I feel like I'm seasick at least 75% of my day and the thought of preparing dinner makes me want to cry. It's like I'm a completely different person - I want to eat fast food, cans of corned beef hash, fattening chips, flavored coffee (bizarre) and cheddar cheese - anything I didn't usually eat pre-pregnancy, I'm eating now! Things I don't want to think about -- the smells of anything being sauteed, chopping an onion, the inside of the fridge and especially, the things I've cooked and then written about in my LJ. What the heck am I going to eat for lunch today? Urg! Anyway, if I do anything in the kitchen that is somewhat exciting (baking is a possibility but the thought of those peanut butter cookies I just made last week is making my mouth salivate and I'm gagging now), I'll definitely post about it. But, most likely, I won't be posting until the end of the first-trimester, which will be in about a month. Urg.
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