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Farewell Little Tomato

Farewell Summer Tomatoes!
Farewell Summer Tomatoes!

Since the tomato selection is getting smaller and smaller (we already started seeing piles of fall produce like oranges, pears and broccili at the farmers market), we realized that we had just a few more chances to take advantage of the last summer tomatoes -- so last night, we started with some delicious tomato bruschetta with crostini (I added the recipe to RR because when I wasn't a very seasoned cook, I did need to follow a recipe for this appetizer!), then had some steaks and disgusting potatoes that Kevin somehow made really gross. We finished our meal off with a frisee and lardon salad with a champagne viniagrette.

One amazing thing I've noticed in the past few days -- my taste buds have become super super sensitive and sharp. I eat things and I can taste EVERYTHING in it, every little herb and spice - it's crazy! Am I turning into an alien?
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