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Fall is in the air's FALL! Even in California! I entered the kitchen at 4:30pm yesterday and all I wanted to do was bake, bake, bake. I have about 5 cookie recipes lined up for this weekend and I am soooo excited. I just die for when the seasons change! Could you imagine if I lived in New England...!

Last night, we started with 3 freshly baked Oatmeal and Brown Sugar Cookies (eggless? YES! Crisco-less? NO!) followed up by a delicious sweet and sour brisket (love this recipe) and some sauteed spinach with garlic and pine nuts. We then had 2 more cookies. I'm happy to say that I did not have any cookies for breakfast this morning...Kevin, on the other hand, did! Pig!

On a side note, we were supposed to go to Tahoe this weekend with a group of friends but had to bail due to Kevin's annoying little illness! Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow so he can clean the oven and hood and make us some bolognese sauce!
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