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"No Kitty! That's my chicken pot pie!"

Chicken Pot Pie Nice presentation...
Chicken Pot Pie

Nice presentation...
but only a mediocre taste...!

Every time I think of Chicken Pot Pie, I think of two things - 1. Cartman from South Park whining about "chicken pot pie" and 2. the Van de Kamps (wasn't that the brand?) frozen chicken pot pies my mom used to feed me several times a week when I was young (thanks a lot mom!).

Kevin is sick right now so I was inspired to try a more gourmet version of Cartman's dinner of choice. The pie crust (latticed look inspired by The Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah, GA) looked quite handsome but the recipe I used (well, I merged several different ones) will not be repeated. It definitely resembled chicken pot pie but I kind of think the frozen Van De Kamps ones tasted better...! Must find myself a good recipe for Chicken Pot Pie!
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