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Tuesday night Sushi

I read in Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain that the fish distributors do their deliveries on Tuesdays, therefore it is usually not a good idea to eat fish (especially sushi) on Monday (although I did about 3 weeks ago on my birthday) because it is a week old. So usually we try and take our sushi dinners on Tuesdays! There is a teeny tiny place on 24th Street, right around the corner from our house, called Matsuya that we usually go to but for some reason, to our disappointment, it was closed last night. Que triste because they have the best Shiro Maguro with lemon, salt and green onion you'll ever eat. So, we ended up at this trendy sushi place down Church Street called Deep Sushi (Sushi Groove-esque) that was pretty good. We indulged ourselves in 2 orders of shiro maguro sashimi, maguro and hamachi nigiri, a roll with some kind of tuna, grilled onions, roe (I'm just thinking, is tobiko the same as roe? What is it?), two appetizers with lots of flavor, one with sliced mackerel and one with chunks of bonito (I may have that reversed) and of course, our dessert, and order of unagi, bbqed eel. I wish I could eat sushi every night!
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