Reenie Cooks (reeniecooks) wrote,
Reenie Cooks

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Parents in town

Kev's parents are in let the eating begin...

Lunch: Coco (formerly known as "Bizou", Brannan and 4th, California/French cuisine) - the flatbread with squash blossoms was so tasty; love the idea of the fried green beans with goat cheese/aioli dip; we love Coco!

Dinner: Medjool (Mission and 22nd?, near Foreign Cinema, Mediterranean/African/Middle Eastern small plates) - the brined pork tenderloin with white beans, crumbled chorizo and red peppers was definitely the highlight; also loved the lamb and fig tagine with couscous; great idea to put cinnamon in their couscous with dates; we love Medjool!
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