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The best Vietnamese dive on earth

Kev and I ventured to the absolute worst part of town last night to dine at the highly recommended (thanks Shannon and Erich) dirt cheap, Vietnamese dive, Tu Lan, on 6th Street, between Market and Mission. Most of the peeps in SF consider 6th as one of the most frightening streets in SF (which kind of reminded me of the time I was at the flower mart in downtown LA and took a wrong turn and ended up on a scary street like 6th Street), so I was more than a little nervous. I'm certainly glad that I gathered the courage because...


A hole in the wall, indeed, it was still bustling at 9pm when we got there. Cash only (lesson #1), speedy service (a necessary characteristic of a true dive) and some seriously amazing (and cheap and good-sized portions) Vietnamese food. AHhhhhh, I feel like we struck gold last night!!!!!! Here are some must-orders for us next time when venture to the hood...
Pork Fried Rice (so good that I wanted to eat the leftovers for breakfast this morning)
Vietnamese Beef (so good that I wished we had ordered two orders)
Pork Spring Rolls (so good that I started eating them while Kev ran to get cash)

Our total bill was $27! Nice!
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