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Ghetto picnic at the Hollywood Bowl!

The Best of LA! The menu... Bebel Gilberto & Pink Martini...
The Best of LA!
Tito's in Culver City at Sawtelle and Washington Place.
The menu...
that hasn't changed since the days when my dad was a youngster.
Bebel Gilberto & Pink Martini...
at the Hollywood Bowl.

It was my idea to pick up Tito's for our picnic in our box at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night...The brilliant idea hit me on our Southwest flight from Oakland to LAX. Ahhhhhhh, Tito's...

Tito's (Sawtelle/Washington Place) is the best dive Mexican food in LA - the In&Out of cheap Mexican fast food. It's addicting, super popular and every time I go to pick up food, there are enormous lines filled with all walks of life (from true Mexican folk to total yuppies). It is quite the LA establishment! We've been eating Tito's since I was little and the food has not changed - from the regular burrito (beans and mystery meat), the watery guacamole and their greasy tacos, Tito's is always a treat!

We picked Tito's up on our way to the Hollywood Bowl and had a ghetto picnic in our box! Ahhhhhh, I couldn't help but eat not 1 but 1 1/2 regular burritos!

Pink Martini's (great cooking music!) and Tito's -- It's always nice to come to LA!!!!!!!!
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