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We dined with Danton, Kev's buddy from college, at Chenery Park, in the off-the-beaten path, almost-suburban SF neighborhood of Glen Park. It was great except for this lingering naseous feeling I've had since we got home from din din last night. I'm assuming this is because I ate too much rich food...I scarfed down their AMAZING pate plate (a trio of duck rillette, a terrine of foie gras AND a rabit pate) -- I LOVE PATE and this charcuterie plate was especially good! Every since I was a little school girl, I would beg my mom for liverwurst sandwiches (until everybody at school made fun of me and then I didn't want liverwurst anymore). Sometimes, when I eat too much pate, I have digestion issues...! The mojito, the Sin Zin wine, lamb sirloin and bread pudding I also ate could've been the problem too!
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