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Lobster and a buttery Chardonnay

Buy a big pot from restaurant supply... Carefully choose your lobsters...
Buy a huge pot from restaurant supply...
place a veggie steamer in it and boil 1-2" of water.
Carefully choose your lobsters...
("the smaller, the tastier", says the Chinese Fishmonger) and cut off the rubber bands on their claws.
Dress your husband... Boil the lobsters for 12 minutes with the lid on...
Dress your husband...
in a bib and make sure to give him lots of napkins.
Boil the lobsters for 12 minutes with the lid on...
and watch their transformation.
Crack the tail first, then remove the claws...
Crack the tail first, remove the claws...
and discard the shells in a bucket.

We headed over to the Chinese fish markets on Clement Street yesterday and picked ourselves some handsome lobsters and shrimp for an end-of-summer Labor Day feast. It was truely delicious!

We started with a few tapas - Pancetta-Wrapped Dates and Gambas al Ajillo (aka sizzling garlicy shrimp), which I was kind of throwing a tantrum eating because Kev wanted to keep their heads and shells on for taste and it was really annoying trying to peel them. We also cracked open my favorite buttery chardonnay, Chalk Hill (90 points in Wine Spectator)!!!!! I don't really know what the "buttery" desription of wine means but I really like saying it.

Anyway, the lobster course was as wonderful as can be expected...right up there with Kobe steak. Kev was reminiscing about the days he'd spend with his college buddies at Block Island - buying lobsters directly from the fishermen at the dock...ahhh, so jealous! We followed the lobster up with a really great Italian goat milk cheese with truffles on it -- really delicious!
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